Urgent action for universal and equal access to COVID-19 vaccines

Caritas statement to the 46th Regular session of the UN Human Rights Council, 22 February – 23 March 2021

Caritas appreciates the commitment of the International community to make the vaccines available for the poorest nations.

It is our firm conviction that access to vaccines against the pandemic is a basic Right but in many of these countries it will not be automatic. Accompanying measures must be taken to build awareness, getting the vaccine to the remotest areas all ensuring optimal storage mechanisms.

Caritas Internationalis urges the international community:

  • To put the respect for human rights and human dignity at the heart of the recovery from the pandemic by ensuring easy and equal access to the vaccines

  • To promote the local production of vaccines in Africa, Latin America and Asia within the next six months. Technical collaboration with the poorest nations and the Issues related to patent as a common good must be addressed urgently.

  • To undertake the debt remission of the poorest countries and allocate funds to strengthen their national health systems.

  • Allocate financial and technical support to local civil society organisations to ensure careful awareness building of the local communities on preventive care.


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