Together We

Act Today For A Better Tomorrow


The new Global Campaign
2021 - 2024

The degradation of our Common Home, aggravated by the current global pandemic, has had a disproportionate impact on everyone, especially on those who already face disadvantage, marginalisation and multiple forms of vulnerability.

If we don’t care for our
Common Home together,
most of humanity will be
without a home!

As Caritas, we realise that we are in close interdependence with all of Creation; what happens in one part of our world has an impact on the rest of the planet and on the poorest peoples of our human family.

Our new campaign is our way to play our own part in caring for our Common Home and for the poor today to make our Common Home a better, healthier place to live for present and future generations.

Campaign Song

"The best of all my flaws”, The Sun
Words by Francesco Lorenzi
Music by Francesco Lorenzi & Maurizio Baggio

  • The Best Of All My Flaws 00:00

This campaign, entitled, “Together We” launches on 13 December 2021. It is about Integral Ecology – the fact that we are all connected to each other and to our Common Home, the earth. The inspiration and motivation behind the campaign title reflects our ambition to put Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti into practice as one Caritas family.

Inspired by Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti, our campaign aims at bringing people together to carry out new actions and initiatives, especially at the grassroots level, which combat poverty, restore dignity to the excluded and protect nature, in the spirit of integral ecology. This will be our way of responding to Pope Francis’ invitation to create a new kind of solidarity.

We encourage establishing one or more local communities of care in each country where Caritas is present. Communities of care are groups made up of parishioners, diocesan representatives, youth clubs and community members in general who are willing to share a space for dialogue and action around care for our common home and care for the poor.

As communities of people committed to caring for our common home and for the poor, ‘communities of care’ will take actions that advance Caritas’ mission by particularly involving those who are marginalised and vulnerable. Such groups will be created to address all forms of inequities, starting from an understanding of the issues raised by their members through to concrete actions to bring about change.

That’s great! Our campaign has been designed to be compatible with your existing work on the effects of social and environmental degradation on the poor and vulnerable people. Keep doing what you are doing. We’d only ask that you co-brand your group with the “Together We” logo to show your support in our global campaign by recording your activities on our communities of care map.

Three years from its launch. The first year will be dedicated to building awareness of the teachings of Pope Francis in the encyclicals Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti as well as awareness of Catholic Social Teaching in general and of the reality in the world around us. During the second year, we hope that all of the communities of care will be taking action. Finally, in year 3 we will be celebrating our progress, which we hope will continue on the local level well beyond the end of the campaign in December 2024.

Because our collective action can take various forms, we’ve deliberately adopted a truncated form of the title, which can be variably combined with different action verbs according to the emphasis you will want to place on your activities: Together We Care, Together We Protect, Together We Pray, etc.

Unleash your creativity by discerning how you can make a difference by

Raising awareness on the urgent necessity of restoring, protecting and renewing access to natural resources, such as food, water, land and ecosystems

Advocating to governments and policymakers to bring the voices of those affected to bear on decision-making to attain more inclusive and sustainable societies

Sensitising local communities to undertake actions to encourage changes in lifestyles that contribute to a less damaging attitude towards our Common Home


On this page, you will be able to download the Campaign Pack with resources that will help you participate in the “Together We” campaign. You will also find stories and general information about how existing activities run across the Caritas confederation can inspire action at the community and national level.

Download here

A common campaign prayer, written by people from all of the seven regions where Caritas operates, can also be used to animate pastoral and liturgical events.

Download here

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