Caritas celebrates women

“When women can transmit their gifts, the world finds itself more united and more peaceful. Therefore, an achievement for women is an achievement for all humanity”

Pope Francis (Homily at the Mass for Solemnity of Mary Mother of God, 1 January 2020) Tweet

Walking together for Equality, Encounter and Renewal


As part of the Caritas women’s month, Caritas will organize a series of four webinars on the role of women as “builders” of a new humanity founded on solidarity, compassion, a culture of encounter, equality, effectiveness and resilience.

This webinar series will aim to animate and mobilise people through witness and dialogue to work towards building a culture of equality, encounter and renewal, in which the experiences, leadership and participation of women are valued and promoted. 

Focusing on specific themes of dialogue, migration, care for our common home and commitment for change, these webinars will explore the richness which the participation of women in various contexts brings to the Confederation and the society, despite women also facing simultaneous challenges such as barriers, lack of opportunities, and marginalisation.

Voices, testimonies and experiences from women and men of the Caritas Confederation, the Church and civil society will discuss these important themes.

In collaboration with the
British Embassy to the Holy See

8 March 2022

Women as builders of

Church and Society

This webinar will focus on the importance of women’s equal participation in decision-making for effective integral human development, building peaceful and stable societies, and achieving fraternal cooperation.

Witness, dialogue and diversity of decision-makers are key components in ensuring that society’s views, experiences and needs are represented at decision-making levels.

15 March 2022

Women as builders of

Welcoming and accompanying migrants


This webinar will focus on witness, dialogue and encounter with the experiences of women migrants and those who work with them in today’s (post-)COVID-19 context.

Making these experiences known challenges us to see how women have an important role as witnesses of solidarity and builders of hope. Despite their vulnerabilities, women are pillars in communities to welcome and accompany migrants and support them to have access to basic services.

22 March 2022

Women as builders of solidarity

Caring for the poor and for our common home

On World Water Day, this webinar will highlight the “significant presence”, participation and leadership of women across the Confederation in care for the poor and care for our common home.

Demonstrating women’s natural capacity for leadership in the context of care for our common home will assist the Confederation to work more effectively for the integral development of the poor, marginalised and vulnerable.

29 March 2022

Women as builders of

Walking together for Equality, Encounter, Renewal

Inspired by the scriptural and social teachings of the Catholic Church, women’s leadership will be explored through a range of perspectives in order to build a culture of equality, encounter and renewal through witness and dialogue with all people.

Participants will focus on what could come next in this mission, and how, by reading the “signs of the times”, the Confederation is called to embark upon the “path of renewal” (Laudato Si’) to promote the recognition, acknowledgement, and participation of women at all levels in order to remove barriers and encourage women to aspire to leadership and decision-making.

Throughout the month of March 2022, Caritas invites all people to walk together in a spirit of equality, encounter and renewal to value the role of women in the Church and in the society.

The Covid-19 pandemic is showing how, despite the increased vulnerability of women and a feminisation of poverty worldwide, women are pillars of society by playing key roles in taking care of families and houses, education of children, healthcare, sensitisation and raising awareness, support and accompaniment to the poor and most marginalized: an important lesson on the importance of women’s participation and leadership to build a new humanity, caring for the poor and for our common home.

We hope to inspire ongoing conversations, creativity and collaboration as we seek to strengthen and enrich the Confederation and society through greater participation of women at all levels.