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Promoting Integral Human development – Caritas Oceania in the spirit of Laudato sì

This webinar is dedicated to the work of Caritas in the Pacific region, with a focus on the impact of climate issues on local communities and Caritas’ work to safeguard our common home and promote integral human development.

Caritas Internationalis’ General Secretariat has developed a three-year plan to build financial capacity and transparency in all 165 members, with training and the establishment of new accounting systems.

Caritas is working in the region for Strengthening Pacific resilience to the impacts of COVID-19.

Many countries in the Pacific are highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic due to underlying challenges to public health systems and access to sanitation. Pacific nations are also highly vulnerable to the economic shocks created by the pandemic, as many of their economies are heavily reliant on domestic travel and trade as well as tourism.

Caritas Oceania approved a Regional Strategy Document 2020-23. A key priority identified was to strengthen the approach to environmental stewardship, including developing an approach to collective environmental advocacy within the Region. In 2020 the scope of regional advocacy efforts expanded its area to include the rights of women and girls in the Pacific, in line with our commitment to amplify the voices of women and young people in our region.
To date, the key priority for the region building economic resilience and supporting an inclusive, COVID-safe and environmentally sustainable economic recovery.

In addition to goal as above, Caritas wants:

  • to support partnerships and initiatives that empower Pacific churches and communities to frame their own development based on Pacific values and including environmentally resilient approaches.
  • to develop a deeper understanding of the current advocacy approaches and priorities within each Caritas Oceania Member Organizations, and mapping potential areas for regional action.

Finally, an important focus for economic resilience is strengthening livelihoods, particularly for people in the most vulnerable sectors such as the informal economy.

Strengthening the capacity of Caritas in Oceania

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