Press Releases

the latest press releases from Caritas

Caritas Internationalis addresses the G7: “We cannot ‘build back better’ on social injustice”
Caritas internationalis launches an appeal to ensure healthcare in Gaza
Caritas in the USA ramping up response to help migrants on the US-Mexico border
Indonesia: Young volunteers provide crucial support to Caritas’ response to Cyclone Seroja
India, the national Caritas made an urgent appeal for global solidarity
Caritas Internationalis: “The ‘moment of shame’ must be followed by a moment of action. Enough human tragedies consumed in total indifference”.
St Vincent and the Grenadines, “This is the worst disaster in living memory to hit the island”
Caritas running against time to provide Rohingya refugees with shelter ahead of monsoon season following devastating fire
Stop sanctions. After 10 years of war Syria is now under the ‘bomb’ of poverty
Amazonia: 105 people asphyxiated in Manaus every day due to lack of oxygen and political will
Urgent action for access to COVID-19 Vaccines. Nobody should be left out
Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina raises alarm over plight of migrants in the country
Caritas Internationalis on World Food Day: “Because of the pandemic, the most vulnerable are more deprived of their right of access to food. Global community must act”
Caritas Internationalis and Sant’Anna university together to train advocacy experts
Basic services and a dignified life for internally displaced people around the world
Empower local communities – World Humanitarian Day 2020
Explosions in Beirut: Caritas launches an emergency plan to immediately assist victims
COVID-19 epidemic: urgent and targeted measure to prevent increased case of human trafficking
Brazil: as COVID-19 infections accelerate, Caritas distributes aid to the most vulnerable
Courageous and immediate action needed post-pandemic to avoid major crisis
Caritas Internationalis launches a new “Covid-19 Response Fund”
Caritas globally on the frontline against COVID-19
Pope Francis donates 100,000 Euro to Caritas Italy’s COVID-19 work
Caritas urges solidarity with hungry Zimbabweans
Querida Amazonia: a Road Map for Caritas
Modern slavery: Breaking the silence and indifference, promoting an ethic of concern
Sahel: More than 7 million are at risk of a food crisis by June 2020
Preserve the dignity of migrants by ensuring access to basic services
Caritas to highlight its Share the Journey Campaign at the first ever Global Refugee Forum
COP25: Unified and resolute approach is critical to combat climate crisis