Assisting vulnerable people in Ukraine’s conflict zones


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Solidarity in action following the signs of the times

A webinar on the work of Caritas in the European Region, where there are among the longest standing member organisations of the Confederation, with testimonies of the protracted crisis in Ukraine.

Thanks to the considerable experience existing within local Caritas and its wide network of regional offices, Caritas Ukraine covers the needs of several thousands of people across the country providing material and social aid, psychological support; counseling about and protection of their rights; assisting in reintegration processes. Through this work, Caritas contributes to providing vital social and economic changes, including the development of civil society in the country.

In addition to that, Caritas teams have been providing the local population and internally displaced people (IDP) with food assistance and health services.

The recent ceasefire violations and the spread of Covid-19 have deepened the vulnerability of people in need even further, putting their lives, health and welfare at great risk,” said Monsignor Michael Landau, President of Caritas Europa.  49 social and development organizations of the Catholic Church in Europe, expressed concern that since the beginning of 2021, hostilities have been growing with the danger of the revival of what it called the “neglected conflict”. Prices of essential goods and unemployment are soaring Caritas organizations have been supporting the local Caritas throughout the conflict.

There is a risk that the conflict which now affects more than 500,000 people in the immediate area of combat will expand across a much wider area and impact exponentially many more individuals. It would impact many people in the heavily-populated area, where there are many elderly people who are cut off from their families.

We call on all parties to have respect rights and the human dignity of people who have done nothing wrong except that their homes are now in what has become a combat zone. As Caritas we can support people, both preventing the effects of a conflict escalation and providing safe and unimpeded access to basic services all people in need

Assisting vulnerable people in Ukraine’s conflict zones

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