Address: Evêché. B.P. n. 94., Bvd de la République, Somalia
Telephone: +253 213 501 40 Fax: +253 213 548 31

Caritas Somalia was established in 1980 and became an official member of Caritas Internationalis in 1983. Since then the agency has been recognised by the Somalia’s Ministry of Interior as a “local association” that works to help the poor and to achieve projects of development.

Caritas Somalia responds to catastrophes such as drought, famine and armed conflict.

Caritas Somalia has a presence in parts of the country through collaboration with Somali non-governmental organisations, born after the outbreak of the civil war. Their mission is to help people cope with conflicts and to the droughts that plague the country.

Caritas Somalia’s work focuses on the following areas:

  • Food: Caritas Somalia provides food supplies for displaced people in Mogadishu (South Somalia) and in “Somaliland”.
  • Emergency Relief: Caritas Somalia has deployed emergency assistance to flood and drought affected IDPs (Internally Displaced People) by providing them with tents, mosquito nets and blankets.
  • Education: Caritas Somalia provided support to some schools in Mogadishu and facilitated the access to school to poor children in Somaliland. Training courses in electricity, plumbing and carpentry have been set up for young people. Sewing classes are offered for young women.
  • Health: Caritas Somalia funded the reconstruction of a small hospital in Brava, and facilitated the distribution of food, medicines and sanitary equipment to needy people in Mogadishu.
  • Aid to development (priority to vulnerable women): through income generating programs, Caritas Somalia and its partners help local communities in South Somalia develop project to improve agriculture.

Caritas Somalia head office is in Djibouti. The principal partners of Caritas Somalia include Caritas MONA, Caritas Italy, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Spain, and Kindermissionwerk.

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