Address: Hai al-Wahde, St. -52, Mahala 904, Zuqaq 74 House 3, Baghdad, Iraq
Telephone: + 964 790 191 8249

Caritas Iraq, called the Brotherhood of Charity, was founded in 1992 to provide assistance and food aid to the poor and marginalised after an international embargo was imposed on Iraq. Since then, post war Iraq has been marked by instability and social problems.

Caritas Iraq continues to grow and diversify its programmes to respond to the ever-increasing set of challenges facing the nation. The involvement of Caritas Iraq principally targets emergency relief and development programs, peace building initiatives, capacity building, health and social service support. Caritas Iraq implements five permanent projects and other temporary projects in favour of more than 11 000 households monthly.

The families and children support program includes distribution of food items for children suffering from malnutrition, provides health monitoring to pregnant and breastfeeding women, develops mothers’ capacities for employment and works to promote peace and reconciliation among the various communities.

Caritas Iraq maintains eight social centres, a rehabilitation and a youth centre, as well as two centres to receive displaced families.  Their social services provide food, hygiene kits and medical care to underprivileged and displaced families, distributes medical equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches to disabled people, afford rehabilitation activities for people with special needs and offer financial assistance to students and victims of conflicts. Every month Caritas Iraq receives 1000 patients to their general clinic, a service that is free of charge and open to all.

Programs also include financial, moral and psychological support to orphans, elderly and most destitute people. The Peacebuilding Program includes activities to promote peace and reconciliation among the different communities of the Iraqi society.

Caritas Iraq main office in Baghdad has a paid staff of 108 employees, more than 400 volunteers and 20 peace messengers to carry out its services.

In order to develop and implement its programmes, Caritas Iraq is supported by the Caritas Internationalis network, in particular Caritas Italy, Caritas Germany and Catholic Relief Services USA.

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