Address: 13, Shadab St., Ostad Nejat-ol-Lahi St., Tehran – 15989 – Iran
Telephone: +98 21 8880 2086 Fax: +98 21 8890 3770

Caritas Iran was founded in 1981 by the Iranian Bishops’ Conference and at first its work was limited to small and occasional projects within the Christian Community. It was after the devastating earthquake in Bam in December 2003 that Caritas Iran began to be operational on a wider scale, thanks in large part to the support of Caritas Internationalis and the Caritas network, in a very special way to the support of Caritas Italy.

Soon after the earthquake, an Emergency Response Support Team (ERST) was sent to Bam to evaluate the situation and lay the groundwork for building the confederations’ response. Beginning in January 2004, Caritas Iran started its own relief operation and reconstruction projects, which were implemented by Iranian volunteers and colleagues from the international network and from Caritas Italy.

Thirteen years after the earthquake, Caritas Iran is still very active, carrying out relief and reconstruction projects in Bam and its surrounding deprived villages. Although most of the city has been rebuilt, there are still many people struggling with various problems. Vulnerable groups such as the ‘Spinal Cord Injured’ (SCIs) require the continued support and assistance of Caritas Iran. The projects that are still being carried out by Caritas Iran are as follows:

  • Construction of schools and health centers in rural areas
  • Construction of houses for the Spinal Cord Injured
  • Construction of houses for female headed families
  • Professional rehabilitation project (PRP-for ordinary people)
  • Projects in favor of the Spinal Cord Injured (SCIs) such as professional rehabilitation, nursing and medical treatment, distribution of food baskets, organizing workshops
  • Discreet Charity

Caritas Iran’s head office is located in Tehran and has a staff of three persons. It also has an office in Bam which has six staff members under the direct supervision of Tehran office. Caritas Iran implements the projects in Bam with the support of some local staff.

Since the beginning of its activity, Caritas Iran has been supported by Caritas Italy as a facilitating partner.

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