Address: 22 Chemin d’Hydra, 16030 El Biar, Algeria
Telephone: +213 219 25 855 Fax: +213 219 25 855
Facebook: Caritas Algérie

Caritas Algeria was established on 28 June 1962, a few days after the declaration of independence.

As executive body of the Humanitarian service of the ADA (the diocesan association of Algeria), Caritas Algeria (CA) responds within its limits to pleas of support, regardless of the origin, identity or religious affiliation of the people who request assistance, as long as these persons share its goals and values.

Aiming at integral human development of men and women, social solidarity, justice, peace and respect for the environment, Caritas Algeria implements its project with a special attention to those most in need in order to empower them to take responsibility for their lives.

Caritas Algeria has a long history of initiatives to help persons with physical and mental disabilities, as well as disadvantaged women and children. In collaboration with the Caritas Confederation and other international organizations, CA has implemented relief programs for persons affected by natural disasters, floods and earthquakes. Its support to youth associations in working-class neighborhoods, and to young women in villages (promotion of local handicrafts), as well as its training programs for kindergarten teachers, are widely known and appreciated by the population.

In collaboration with the UNHCR and other organizations, Caritas Algeria is also concerned and works with migrants crossing the country from sub-Saharan Africa, providing them, among others, with medical aid, literacy courses and tutoring classes for younger children.

Our international partners include: Secours Catholique (Caritas France), Caritas Italy, Misereor, Development and Peace (Caritas Canada) and Doctors of the World.

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