Help Gazans who have no where to hide as deadly bombs rain down

People living in the densely-populated Gaza strip are living in terror for their lives as daily air bombardments have killed over 100 people, injured many more and destroyed many buildings.

Caritas Jerusalem staff on the ground say,“The bombing is unpredictable and bombs are more powerful than in previous wars.

“The bombs fall suddenly and it feels as if your eyes and ears are being blown out by the power of the blast. From past wars people know the sound of bombs but this is totally different. They hardly hear the bomb coming until it explodes.”

Caritas Jerusalem staff have been working in Gaza for a number of years providing many essential services to the desperately poor population, including health care, nutrition and psychosocial support for people who have been traumatised by years of restrictions and violence.

Some 80 percent of Gaza’s population depends on humanitarian aid. Around 90 percent of households do not have access to clean water. Caritas Jerusalem’s help is vital to many people who’ve suffered years of war, hunger and blockades.

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The Gaza Strip with a population of more than 2 million is 25 miles long and ranging from 3.7 to 7.5 miles wide and covers an area of approximately 141 square miles. Since 2007 it is under total blockade controlled by Israel with a small southern section controlled by Egypt.


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