Puerto Rico


Address: 201 Calle San Jorge, Esquina Baldorioty de Castro, San Juan,Puerto Rico 00902
Postal Address: P.O. Box 8812, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00910-0812
Telephone: +1 787 300-4953 Fax: +1 787 728-3207
Email: info@caritas.pr
Facebook: Cáritas Puerto Rico

Caritas Puerto Rico officially started its operations in 1969 under the name of Catholic Social Services of Puerto Rico. In 2009 it changed its name to Caritas Puerto Rico.

The mission of Caritas Puerto Rico is inspired by the sign of Christ’s love to help the poor and those in needs by providing tools for integral human development.

Caritas aid in Puerto Rico is very important. There are families and communities living with high level of poverty and social exclusion. At present more than half of the Puerto Rico’s population is unemployment or disable. From 1993 there have been large number of migration out of the island, while the number of aging population in the island continues to increase. Other social problems include drugs, violence and high dropout rates.

Each year Caritas Puerto Rico serves 75 000 people. There are 200 parishes in 60 municipalities on the island who work directly on projects , this adds to the support of 600 volunteers , 15 employees and 12 helpers in the home.

Our service programs are: Emergencies and Natural Disasters, Food, Psychological Counseling, Single Mothers and Adolescents at Home Auxiliary, Cuban-Haitian Family Reunification , and Immigrant Aid Anti Human Trafficking Program , Social Work and Community Workshops Integral Human Development, Student Scholarships, Multi-Service Center and Integrated to Aging Our Lady of Lourdes, Campaign for Human and Community Development , Support Institutions to homeless people and cancer patients.

Caritas Puerto Rico has been supported by Caritas Spain, Catholic Charities USA, Latin American Secretariat of Caritas (SELAC).

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