Address: De la Gasolinera UNO Guanacaste, 1C al Norte 1/2C al Este, Managua, Nicaragua
Telephone: +505 2266 1714 Fax: +505 2666 0404
Email: Comunicació caritas.nicaragua  Twitter: caritasnic

Caritas Nicaragua was established in 1960 as a private, non-governmental, non-profit, autonomous organisation. It consists of eight diocesan Caritas: Managua, Vicariate of Bluefields, Juigalpa, Matagalpa, León, Estelí, Jinotega and Granada.

It promotes programmes aimed at meeting the needs of disadvantaged people without creating dependence.

Caritas Nicaragua builds capacity within the Church’s social services. It works in hospitals, shelters and
and homes for abandoned children, combats human trafficking, especially cases involving children and adolescents.

Work is focused on migration and the defence of migrants’ employment rights, and prevention and support projects are implemented on behalf of female victims of violence.

Seeds, tools and training are supplied to families with scarce resources so that they can grow foods. Support is primarily aimed at the people who live in the dry parts of the country where it is very difficult to produce food.

Other poverty mitigation initiatives include promotion of small businesses and microloans, organic agriculture capacity building, and crop diversification and environmental protection.

In the event of an emergency, the National Office supplies food, utensils and blankets to people who have lost or been obliged to leave their homes. Efforts are focused on reducing vulnerability to natural disasters in areas at risk.

Caritas Nicaragua works with other national and international organisations, including Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Caritas Spain, Caritas Germany, Caritas Italy, the Bishops’ Conference of the United States, Save the Children, FHI360, Canadian Food for Children, and the Niagara Warehouse of Hope Foundation.

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