El Salvador


Address: Av. Olímpica y Pasaje 3, Casa n.130, San Salvador, El Salvador
Telephone: +503 2298 4302
Email: info@caritaselsalvador.org.sv
Facebook: Cáritas-El-Salvador  Twitter: caritasnacional

The Caritas foundation in El Salvador was established in 1960 on the initiative of the archbishop of San Salvador, Msgr Luis Chávez y González, and his auxiliary bishop, Msgr Arturo Rivera y Damas.

Since its establishment, it has deployed all its efforts in distributing food to the most needy, with a view to relieving the suffering of the most dispossessed and marginalised of our brothers and sisters, as well as helping to provide school meals and run permanent vocational training workshops for young people. Its work also focuses on building and repairing minor roads, small bridges, schools, community halls, healthcare clinics, vegetable gardens and emergency relief. More than 450 000 people have witnessed this love and and service, which they have received via the various dicoesan Caritas that have been established over the years. The first three diocesan Caritas established were San Miguel, Santa Ana and the Archdiocese, which were followed later by the the diocesan Caritas of Santiago de María, San Vicente, Zacatecoluca, Sonsonate and Chalatenango, and Caritas Castrense for the military and police. Currently Caritas El Salvador primarily promotes the sustainable development of the most vulnerable communities.

The values that guide the actions of Caritas El Salvador are: the dignity of the human person, solidarity, subsidiarity and taking care of our common home, among others.

Caritas El Salvador works jointly with sister Caritas from countries such as Norway, Spain, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands, as well as with other Church and related organisations.

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