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If you’re young and want to stand up for global justice, the Caritas Youth Forum is the place for you.

The Caritas Youth Forum was set up to encourage young people’s participation in Caritas. We hope it will create a greater sense of ownership among young people who work or volunteer with Caritas, in order to help advance the vision and mission of the Caritas confederation.

The worldwide Caritas family can help you find great ways to live out your faith and change the world around you for the better. So learn from each other, share your experiences. Volunteer. Bring our societies closer together. Play your part.

Caritas youth leading the way

Youth groups and young adults in Caritas around the globe are showing the way to connect with each other to build a better world.

“Through friendship, action for others and reflecting on faith, these inspiring projects show how things can change when you believe in something big,” says youth leader Sarah Burrows from the UK.


Representatives from young Caritas Tirol.

Representatives from young Caritas Tirol.

Caritas youth leaders across Europe are creating a dynamic network that connects young people to swap ideas and work together for a fairer society.

On 23rd November, at the first ever YoungCaritas conference, Caritas youth leaders in 32 European countries made a joint ‘Vienna Declaration’.

It’s a pledge to give young people opportunities to put their beliefs into action by working for social justice.  “It’s a fantastic chance to make a change alongside other people who feel the same as you,” says Caritas Internationalis Youth Forum Facilitator Alfonso Apicella.

Read the ‘Vienna Declaration’


Young adults painting murals in Lebanon schools

Young adults painting in Lebanon’s schools

Against a backdrop of political instability and economic hardship, Caritas Lebanon Youth are giving young people a new way forward.

Happy to give their time for something they really believe in, young volunteers are carrying out an amazing 600 activities a year to help others.

Trained in the skills they need by Caritas, some are renovating homes and schools in deprived areas, and even painting jails to cheer up deplorable conditions for prisoners.

Others are befriending children and the elderly, staging outings and fun activities. Cver 20,000 people per year are benefiting.


Young adults’ Mission of Mercy event

Young adults’ Mission of Mercy event

Action speaks louder than words for young adults in Caritas Singapore’s outreach project.

Passionate volunteers who want to become ‘persons of help and mercy to others’ are joining Night Missions to befriend homeless people and cook hot meals at the night shelter.

Friendships are being formed during visits to elderly people, and babysitting angels are gifting low-income parents the time to attend evening classes.

Meanwhile young adults are running ‘Creed on the Street’ night discussions about how to live out their faith in their daily lives.

Contact Caritas Youth

Contact the Caritas Youth representative in your region for more information about how you can get involved.

Caritas Youth North America

Name: Erin Mackey

Caritas Youth Latin America

Name: Leon Souza

Caritas Youth Oceania

Name: Joe Moeono-Kolio

Caritas Youth Europe

Name: Daniel Hale

Caritas Youth Asia

Name: Ratha Lay (Sam)

Caritas Youth Africa

Name: Makeda Yohannes

Caritas Youth Middle East and North Africa

Name: Ehab Fahmy

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