Caritas International

Address: Rue de la Charité, 43, 1210 Bruxelles – Belgique
Telephone: +32 2 229 36 11 Fax: +32 2 229 36 36
Facebook: Caritas Twitter: caritasintbe YouTube: caritasintbe

Caritas Catholica Vlaanderen

Address: Liefdadigheidstraat, 39, 1210 Brussel, België
Telephone: +32 2 608 00 72
Facebook: Caritas Vlaanderen

Caritas Catholica en Belgique Francophone et Germanophone A.S.B.L.

Address: Rue de la Charité, 39, 1210 Bruxelles, Belgique
Telephone: +32 2 230 39 27

There are three Caritas organisations in Belgium that constitute Caritas in Belgium (or Caritas Catholica Belgica).

Caritas International Belgium is the organisation in charge of international solidarity, including relief, development aid and assistance to migrants and asylum seekers. It is also the largest and operational member of Caritas in Belgium.

Caritas International main office in Brussels employs approximately 100 personnel and 200 volunteers to carry out their services and mission.

Catholica Flanders (Caritas Vlaanderen) and Caritas Catholica en Belgique francophone et germanophone are regional umbrella organisations that on the one hand deal with thematic issues regarding identity, pastoral care, voluntary work and combating poverty, while also bringing together diocesan Caritas organisations, solidarity organisations (including Caritas International Belgium) as well as other federations of social and health care services (like hospitals, elderly care residences, child care facilities and others).


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