Address: 122/11, 7th Floor, Soi Naksuwan, Nonsi Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Telephone: +66 2 681 3900 Ext: 1710  Fax: +66 2 681 3477
Facebook: CaritasTHAILAND

Formerly known as the Catholic Commission for Human Development, Caritas Thailand was founded in 1972 to carry out the Church’s holistic human development work. Caritas Thailand is the body responsible for the social action of the Thai Catholic Church under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Thailand (CBCT).

Caritas Thailand’s mission is to love and serve the poor by promoting the dignity of the human person, strengthening the family institution and local community, recognising and supporting the common vocation to ministry towards the family of humankind, and living according to universal and cultural values that protect human life and the environment.

Some of its major activities include:

  • Empowerment of communities, especially vulnerable groups, through training in community-based disaster management, disaster risk reduction, improvement of livelihood, community leadership, recruitment of volunteers, etc.
  • Response to emergencies
  • Care of people who are physically and mentally challenged
  • Care of ethnic minority groups, migrants, prisoners and refugees
  • Promotion of care for the environment, e.g. sustainable agriculture
  • Raising awareness of issues relating to anti-human trafficking and promotion of a child-safe society
  • Promotion of human rights
  • Health initiatives including care for people living with HIV/AIDS, mobile medical clinics, training, etc.

The Caritas Thailand Secretariat in Bangkok serves as the hub for the 10 diocesan Caritas organisations spread throughout the country. Nationally, the agency employs over 120 staff (approximately  50 at national level and 70 at diocesan level) and has around 500 volunteers.

As a member of the Caritas Confederation, Caritas Thailand often collaborates and receives support from other Caritas agencies.

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