Caritas & Laudato Si'

On care for our common home

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’
A renewed commitment to hear the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth

In his encyclical letter, Pope Francis calls the Church, decision-makers and all people of goodwill to acknowledge the urgency of our environmental challenge. The poorer areas of the world are particularly vulnerable to environmental degradation and their populations bear the brunt of its effects.

Caritas recognises some of the biggest social and environmental problems facing us: widespread pollution, climate change, migration, food insecurity, poverty and inequality and an over-reliance on technological change for solutions.

We believe progress towards sustainable life on earth for each and every one of us requires sober lifestyles along with behaviour and system change on a global scale. Our work in many countries with local communities all over the world is a testament to positive change at a grassroots level, which we are called to instil.

The systems and behaviours that we have so far created and lived by are failing both the planet and the poorest. We believe everyone can make a difference and achieve real transformation – one that really heeds the cries of the earth and of the poorest – if we work together as one to care for our common home.

Each of us has a deep well of creativity and imagination that simply needs to be freed to respond, together with others.

“I will point to the intimate relationship between the poor and the fragility of the planet, that everything is connected and the proposal of a new lifestyle”.
– (Laudato Si’ #16).