Finance at Caritas

An overview of financial activities

Finance at Caritas

Caritas Internationalis is a global confederation of more than 160 organisations networked together in 200 countries, as part of the humanitarian and development mission of the Catholic Church.

For financial information on individual members please refer to their own websites.

The Caritas Internationalis General Secretariat (GS) provides coordination and support to the confederation. It is funded by contributions from member organisations and through private donations. Its finances are reviewed annually by an external auditor and a full annual report is available for download here.

Advocacy and representation 918,166
Administration of confederation and General Secretariat 432,204
Humanitarian coordination 579,834
Capacity building 216,471
HIV/AIDS programme (and CHAN Secretariat*) 268,305
Cooperation within confederation 249,304
Communications 859,958
Support to regional structures 459,959
Fundraising 119,373
Miscellaneous 89,916
Total 4,193,491

*The Caritas Internationalis office in Geneva serves as the Secretariat for the Catholic HIV/AIDS Network (CHAN).


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